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A Month In Egypt

Well I arrive in Egypt after being on the road for four days.

It was an early morning wake-up call on Wednesday (4am) to get to Malpensa by 6am. I unloaded my luggage and boarded the plane on time to Zurich. After transferring to my Cairo bound plane we were delayed by an hour as we waited for 40 passengers. After a fairly brief 3.5 hour flight I touched down in Cairo and am met by Hisham my guide for the next few days.

The airport's a sea of confusion. Customs, visas, baggage claim and the constant hassle of touts wanting to take me to their hotel. Hisham and I catch a taxi to my hotel, which is a dive but does the job. For 8 euro a night who cares. I am only showering and sleeping there.

We then walk into and around the downtown area of Cairo soaking up the atmosphere and checking out the shops and restaurants. We have dinner at a sandwich shop and sit on a car in the street exchanging stories and experiences. We then continue walking around and have a look at the Nile during the evening. It's very beautiful with large high-rises on either side and of course the large five star hotels lining the river bank. After a long walk we finally get home around 11pm.


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