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Pharaoh's Curse

I wake late after a couple hours of exhausted sleep and pack my bag. I am stuffed. I get my things and go to the nearest pharmacy. I have stupidly left my first aid kit in Italy with all my medicines in it. I grab some Immodium and pop two tablets straight away.

They take effect within the hour so I feel pretty confident about catching the 3hr train journey to Luxor. I definately pray they work when I see the state of the toilets at the station. There is no way I could go there or even on the train when I see what they look like. I have an hour for the train to arrive and go and wait in the sun.

I get hassled straight away and go crazy. I tell or should I say yell at everyone who is trying to get me to take a taxi, carriage, take my bags, sell me something, tell me some bullshit pickup line and who says welcome. They all shit themselves and eventually leave me alone maybe because the tourist police are nearby. But I doubt it was the police presence because that never seems to worry any Egyptian trying something in front of them. Anyone that does come near me later is warned off by the man that is still sitting near me who was a part of the first attack.

I get on the train and finally make my way to Luxor. Some kid jumps on board and starts flogging off bottles of water. I want to buy one and offer two pounds. He says yes and starts to hand over the bottle when I realise that the bottle is already opened and he has gone around looking for empty bottles and filling them up with tap water. Just what my body needs is some nice waters from the Nile.

I arrange for a hotel room from a place that a friend of mine stayed at called the Little Garden Hotel. I ring up and book the room. They tell me I have the last room available (bullshit) and that the price is an extra two euro to what I was told when I went there last time (an extra 16 EP). I told them I had been there before and that the price was 12 euro per night not 14 euro.

I turn up and ask why there is a price difference and they agree to give me the room for 12 per night. This turns out to be 90 EP which is three times what I have paid for a room so far but it is a nice hotel room with heating and hot water that lasts about 8 minutes instead of the normal 2 minutes. I crash and sleep for over 14 hours and wake up feeling pretty good.


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