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Cairo Chill Out

I wake up to find that I have slept through the morning but feel energised and ready to tackle the streets of Cairo. I meet up with Ehab who has left me a message on my email. We go back to the Egyptian Museum for another look around. This turns out to be Ehab’s first visit there, which is a bit surprising so I become the tour guide for the semi-local boy.

We have a few problems with entering the museum grounds due to Ehab’s appearance and the fact that they are questioning his Australian passport. I get fed up with this and launch into a tirade of constructive criticism and show them my passport along with his to show its validity.

After a flying visit through the museum we go back into the city centre to look around. I have nothing that I am desperately wanting to buy or see so after a while I head back to my hotel room. Once again I indulge in a bath and some room service and then a leisurely afternoon nap.

I start to wonder what would have happened if I had actually stayed in five star places throughout the whole trip. Then think about it again and realise how boring and uneventful it would have been.


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