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Cape Town Adventures

The Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel, Cape Town

I spent four nights at The Cape Cadogan Hotel during May, 2013. It is a beautiful property that is well run and provides lovely service to travellers needing a home away from home.

I had a deluxe room that offered plenty of space for the in-room therapist who gave me some beauty treatments during my stay. I was very happy with my stay and would recommend the hotel to others. The price was also extremely competitive for the type of establishment it is.

The breakfast was fantastic and a great start to my very full days of sight seeing. The staff at the front desk were very helpful and always able to offer great advice during my stay. They arranged taxis, booked restaurants and were always welcoming me back by name with a smile and a chat.

My only concern being a single and independent traveller is that walking around Cape Town is not exactly comfortable after dark. The hotel’s location is about 25 minutes walk from the waterfront and being a solo female traveller who is used to walking everywhere whilst travelling I did feel self conscious and not comfortable after dark. This meant that I was constantly using taxis for getting around town which are not expensive but meant that I was not able to get a good feel for the city.

Because of this I would probably stay at the waterfront next time due to the security presence, which meant that I felt more confident walking around with my camera equipment and getting to and from local waterfront restaurants during the evening.

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