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Sandibe Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Excellent Animal Sightings Including Wild Dogs

"Sandibe allowed me to tick off cheetah and wild dogs from my list of must see things during my 3 week trip of Southern Africa. The guides were wonderful in dealing with a diverse group of birders and non-English speaking guests and keeping everyone happy.

The game drives were not easy (compared to Sabi Sands) and quite long especially when tracking the wild dogs and cheetah but definitely worth it in the end. Be prepared for bumpy rides with sandy areas that are not ideal for everyone, especially if you have back issues. If you are someone that can’t handle long drives then make it clear to the guides/managers when you book and also when you arrive so they put you with like-minded people in the vehicle. I can say that the drives are very rewarding at the end of the day (3 days actually to find the wild dogs!) with amazing experiences and photos being testament to that!

The rooms and sundecks were wonderful, although I didn't spend much time there as I was always on drives or hanging out in the main lounge area editing photos and enjoying the drink service from the ever smiling staff members. The bed was extremely comfortable; the outdoor shower was lovely but a little fresh when showering during the early morning or late evening. There was plenty of space in the bathroom and wardrobe to keep your clothes/toiletries in order and of course the daily laundry service is really handy. Toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, insect repellent and soap granules for hand washing are provided.

The food wasn't the best of all the camps I stayed in (very salty) but I never went hungry because there was always snacks and morning/afternoon teas on offer so nothing to worry about there. We dined outside one evening under the stars, which was beautiful, and the other evenings we ate in the main communal dining area, which was open to the elements. Breakfast and lunch on different occasions was also out in the bush depending on what we were trekking. This was a great way to enjoy a bush breakfast/lunch which adds to the whole experience and means that you don’t have to return back to base which would waste time when on long safari drives. There is also the opportunity to have morning tea/sundowners with snacks whilst out on drives. This too can break up a big drive and allow you to stretch your legs. I never once felt unsafe during any of these occasions including “marking my territory”. The guide/tracker will always check around and endeavor to make it as safe as possible.

I loved the natural and open aspect of the camp and there were close encounters with elephant, impalas, monkeys and hippos within the camp, which was wonderful to see. The staff took all precautions to keep guests safe and secure whilst enjoying the amazing proximity to these animals from our dining table.

&Beyond goes above and beyond to make a safari experience even more special and as a single traveller this was important to me. The staff contribute this significantly by remembering your name, your drink of choice and any special snacks you like. A brilliant experience awaits anyone travelling to Sandibe. Be aware that the camp is undergoing extensive refurbishments and will be reopen in June/July, 2014.

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