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Majesty in the Bush

The boys organized a morning exploring around the reserve to see if we could find the lion pride again from the previous night's drive. It didn’t take long for the boys to find the group and they were all enjoying a morning walk together. This was an amazing experience as the group had lionesses and cubs. They allowed us to walk with them for over two hours as they followed tracks and then went off road. They caught up with some other lionesses and became a pride of about 12 walking, investigating and playing. This was a brilliant experience enjoying the solitude of the sighting, which normally would be shared with others on a safari.

After the pride moved into bushes that we couldn’t navigate we decided to see what else was on offer. We drove back towards a more open area and could see a large herd of giraffes making their way through the concession. I have never seen so many before in one sighting and thought that these animals were more solitary than staying together in such a large group. In the background I could also see other plains game and baboons all within the vicinity of the giraffes. There was plenty of juveniles with the group and the elegance and grace of them move together was stunning. The giraffes were on the other side of a small ravine and were a little wary of our presence. We stayed quiet and still and just enjoyed these majestic animals eating and crossing the ravine. It was very interesting watching them navigating their way down the sandy slope as they slid down. This sighting was also a long one and soon my guide was asking if I wanted breakfast.

Feeling hungry I agreed and he turned around and drove up the clearing to a higher viewing area so that we could watch the giraffes make their way up. We all got out and started unpacking the equipment because we were having a bbq bush breakfast. My favorite way to eat is outside and a bush breaky is awesome. Soon the smells wafting from the bbq made my mouth water as I organized the chairs/table and drinks. Egg requests were taken and soon the three of us were enjoying a million dollar view with a breaky to match!

After enjoying such a special morning we returned leisurely back to camp where I could go through the photos and videos. I pulled a chair up to the panoramic window in the communal area, grabbed a cold drink and breathed! Life was good and to have had two such amazing sightings in one morning is pretty mind blowing.

The afternoon we decided to head to a local village. I really wanted to see a Masai village that was real and not manufactured "Disneyland" style for the tourists stopping by. My guide knew of some villages about an hour away that had no contact with tourists and off we went after lunch.

This was a brilliant experience and not for the fainthearted. The children in the camp were wonderful and for many they told my guide that I was the first white woman they had met. The men were out bringing in the animals so it allowed me the opportunity to walk around with the children and to meet some of the wives. The joy in the faces of these children was special and being able to show them my videos on the iPad was very cool. I took lots of photos and videos and put everything on the iPad for them to see themselves.

The children and my guide then accompanied me into a small house where I was punched with the smell of smoke from the fire inside. My guide explained how the family slept and where the small animals stayed until they reached a certain age. Soon I was too hot and we went outside.

Soon the sounds of the animals returning for the night was evident and we headed to the enclosures to watch them arrive. The flies and smell was intense as I patted and held baby goats. I watched as the Masai completed their duties so that the animals were safe for the night. My guide explained how the enclosure was built and how it is reinforced.

Soon the Masai were finished with their duties and I was able to meet with them. I was desperate to buy a Masai sword so my guide asked if it was possible to purchase one and soon a deal was done and I was the proud owner of a legit Masai sword. It was dark now and I knew we needed to get back to camp for dinner. I thanked my hosts and had one last photo before we bundled back into the car with two extra children who needed a lift to the next village. This was really special being able to see and hear their excitement with riding in a car for the first time. A huge smile on my dial from a brilliant experience.


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