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Another Kill

Another early morning and this time we were heading into the Triangle with our bush breakfast again so that we could stay out for as long as possible. We decided to concentrate on cats today and to see if we could see a kill. We found members of the Kichwa Tembo pride again and stayed with them until they went for their daytime nap around 8:30am. We then decided to start driving around to the area close to Little Governor’s entrance to see if anything was of interest in that area. Once again I was fortunate enough to see two rhinos, plenty of amazing elephants herds and giraffes enjoying the taller grasses.

We finally found a mother and cub enjoying the lovely weather on a termite mound which allowed for some great photographic opportunities. We stayed with this pair for the rest of the morning to see what would happen. After about an hour the pair went in search for some water which they found on a nearby road. As they were taking a drink a family of warthogs came by and the cub sat up and took notice. As mum came alongside her cub the young cheetah took off after the young warthogs with the warthog mum in pursuit and trying to fend of the cub. The cheetah mum quickly joined in and both were in hot pursuit. With the second cheetah joining in the action the warthog mum knew that there was little hope and she went to join her family watching as the cheetah mum outwitted the young warthog, trapped it and made a quick kill as her cub stood at lookout.

Unfortunately by the time the kill was completed it was quite a distance from the road and we could only watch everything from afar. I managed to get some video footage but the clarity wasn’t very good. After five minutes of watching we decided to move on to see what else we could find.

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