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Counting Down

Today is Australia Day. Whilst all my compatriots celebrate in style Down Under over a bbq somewhere outdoors with friends/family with the cricket/tennis on in the background, I was at the newly opened KGB (Kangaroo Grill and Bar ;-) while another Aussie was cooking up a storm. The food was pretty legit when compared to what we have at home on Australia Day and I spent a few hours enjoying my friend’s company and of course a sausage or two and some beers.

It is now 14 days till I leave. I am about to start packing the Africa bag so I can put it aside. I really need to go through my camera accessories to understand exactly what I will need. The length of the trip and the issues with weight during the last 3 weeks whilst we are on safari and using small planes means that I need to be a little bit more rigid with what I take or at least prepared to leave it behind in Nairobi whilst we travel in Tanzania and Kenya.

I am slowly going through my clothes etc to see what I want to keep and get rid of. The habit of most of us these days is to buy/collect and horde. I am now paying the consequences as I go through my things for the third time in 4 months to finally whittle down to what is really necessary and what will fit in 2 suitcases and what will return to Australia with mum and dad. Not easy when I don't know where I will be heading to next.

The weather in Kaz has turned super cold now with -11 as our highs and -20s our lows. We have surprisingly had a warm winter until now with highs around 0 and lows around -5 Celsius. This was been a welcome change considering that my first winter I experienced bitter temperatures that would turn your nose hairs into icicles. I was expecting something similar this winter but until today I have been blessed. My friends all say that Kaz is saying goodbye because I am the one that complains about the cold the most. Always a true Aussie at heart.

My parents have done their trial pack and are easily within their 40kg each limit. They are taking some items from Australia to help with the initial 7 weeks of self driving through Namibia and South Africa. This includes an esky to help keep drinks a little cooler than leaving in the car in the hot sun and means the portable fridge won’t need to work so hard at making our drinks cold. Plus they can take it into their room at night and hopefully use the minibar fridges in the room to keep things cold overnight. Mum has bought some cutlery, plates, mugs, thermos and cutting board to use when we are self catering for lunches and about 25% of our evening meals. We have always enjoyed eating on the road during our previous family road trips and stopping by somewhere for an impromptu picnic in an idealic setting is all a part of the adventure.

Now I am going over the itinerary again to double check everything and to try and confirm the best rooms for my parents to enjoy as many “wow” moments as possible. I keep reading TA and other forums and watching videos from various places we are staying at because I am so excited. This is obviously a personal choice but one that keeps me busy and fully informed about where we are travelling to. I have even visited SeatGuru to assist in selecting all of our seats on our flights for the best views during take off and landing and away from the galley to limit disruptions with noise/light. I think I really need to get this holiday started!!!!


8-13 Abu Dhbai for some R and R for me before jumping into everything

13-16 Livingstone

16-19 Ichobezi River Boat (Chobe/Impailia Island area)

19-20 Camp Kwando, Caprivi, Namibia

20-22 Nunda River Lodge, Caprivi

22-25 Onguma, Etosha

25-27 Okaukuejo, Etosha

27-1 Dolomite, Etosha


1-3 Grootberg, Damaraland

3-5 Mowani Mountain Camp, Damaraland

5-7 Erongo Wilderness Camp, Erongo

7-11 Sea Breeze, Swakopmund

11-13 Sossus Dune Lodge

13-16 Eagle's Nest, Klein Aus Vista

16-18 Fish River Lodge

18-20 Bagatelle Kalahari Ranch

20-25 Cape Town AirBnB

25-28 Centre Ville Guest House, Franschhoek

28-30 Zwartberg View Guesthouse, Ooudtshorn

30-1 Knysna Inn, Knysna


1-2 Jeffreys Bay

2-3 Johannesburg

3-5 Nairobi

5-11 Namiri Plains, Serengeti, Tanzania

11-17 Dunia Camp, Serengeti, Tanzania

17-20 Governors' Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya

20-26 Mara Bush House, Northern Conservancy, Masai Mara

26-27 Nairobi

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