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Sightings on the Chobe River

I would have to say that our time on the Ichobezi River Boat was one of the most relaxing ways to safari that I have ever experienced. The ability to just enjoy the scenery and proximity to the animals from the luxury of the lounge area was almost too good to be true. If I didn’t have the FOMO then waking up around 8am and making my way upstairs to enjoy breakfast whilst enjoying my surroundings would have still given me a brilliant time.

I loved the fact that the communal dining/sitting area was completely open to the elements allowing us nearly a 360 degree opportunity to view the animals and the activities on the Chobe River all the time.

The staff on the river boat were lovely and allowed us a lot of privacy whilst staying in the crew quarters and kitchen areas unless they were bringing out dinner or cleaning our rooms. Rooms were kept clean, the beds were very comfortable, rooms were quiet and the bathroom was small but adequate (it was important to not drink the shower water and to use the bottled water for brushing teeth etc).

I enjoyed plenty of time out on the photography boat with early morning and evening sessions to see what we could find along the river. Most days my dad joined me but mum normally came out in the afternoons. She preferred to enjoy her mornings from the lounge chair.

Animal sightings were concentrated on elephants and we were able to have some amazingly close encounters with these stunning creatures from the water’s edge. It was fantastic to see them bathing, interacting with their families and the other animals from the Chobe National Park all coming down to the river for their daily drinks. Sightings included but not limited to impala, elephants, crocodiles, hippos, waterbuck, fish eagles, egrets, storks, puku and many other types of birds.

I certainly hope that I get to experience the Ichobezi (Chobe Princess) again in the future. It was the perfect combination of animals and relaxing for any type of tourist.

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