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A Long Drive

I have never been so bored driving in all my life. Today was the longest drive of our trip and our information pack from our travel agent Discover Namibia has told us that it will be about a 7 hour journey. I added on another 2 hours for petrol, (oh sorry I meant toilet stops, I am travelling with the folks), stretching the legs and lunch meant it was going to be a very long day. A long and boring day. The road was straight and flat with very little entertainment apart from random local villages and the chatter in the car when my passengers weren’t dozing off.

Dad spent his time in the back sleeping most of the way, mum hanging out in the front being the navigator, dozing and myself driving. I think I managed to frustrate them with my repeated playlist that only lasted about 2 hours and they frustrated me with their endless toilet stops. It evened itself out in the end.

We had stopped for petrol at Divundu as recommended and drove straight through to Rundu where we filled up again and did a shop at the local ShopRight supermarket. Dad picked up some flip flops because he had broken his the day before and it was too hot for wearing enclosed shoes. We then drove on to Tsumeb where we filled up again, did another shop at the better equipped supermarket in the mall and grabbed some KFC late in the afternoon before finally arriving into camp around 5pm. We were all extremely happy to arrive and I was especially looking forward to the next week travelling around Etosha.

Where We Stayed: Onguma Camp, close to Etosha NP, Namibia

Onguma Bush Camp is a brilliant property offering safari goers a lovely, well maintained property with excellent large rooms with air con, relaxing pool area, large and comfortable communal areas with a nice waterhole to watch the animals and great food. The staff were very service orientated which was great. My only problem is that the property is not in Etosha NP which was my priority and meant a 30 minute drive into the park to get to the first waterholes. Apart from this Onguma is a fantastic place to be based for anyone visiting Etosha.

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