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Onguma via Halali to Okakuejo

What we did – drove from Onguma to Halali to Okakeujo Camp, watching at the waterhole

  • What we saw – rhino, lioness under a tree, ostrich/chicks, blue crane/chick, African wildcat, monitor lizard, waterhole – 3 rhino and 3 lionesses

Where We Stayed – Okakuejo Camp, Etosha NP, Namibia (NWR Camp)

I really loved Okaukuejo because I was prepared. After reading about the disappointing food situation my parents and I stocked up on snacks/cheese/biscuits/drinks etc and enjoyed our waterhole evenings having apperitivo like dinners with our drinks whilst watching the animals activities. It also allowed us to not leave the waterhole for FOMO. We had waterfront chalets which were clean, a little small, air con (fantastic), mosquito net, small balcony and a decent bathroom. The best thing was the 20m walk to the waterhole. The breakfast is ordinary but certainly edible and can provide enough sustenance for a big day out driving around the waterholes in Etosha. The pool area was closed due to maintenance but it looked large and family orientated. I will definitely stay here again and arrive prepared with food/drinks to enhance my stay at the waterhole, which is what it is all about.

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