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Naboisho Camp, Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya

Naboisho Camp, Naboisho Conservancy

As soon as I returned from my African Mega Trip I immediately started to research my next safari. I needed to find somewhere that I could get to quickly without wasting downtime in Nairobi on either end of my stay. I had loved travelling with Asilia during the East Africa segment of the last trip and I wanted to visit a different conservancy in the Mara. I kept an eye out on the specials that Asilia was offering and calculated that I would probably get time off in October or November and prepared accordingly.

I once again used Troy from True Africa when I saw that Asilia was offering their Stay 3, Pay 2 specials. I was unsure of the time frame so I booked for 8 nights with the opportunity to reduce it if necessary depending on work. I ended up having free time in November and flew down via a stop in Abu Dhabi and an overnight in Nairobi.

I arrived in Nairobi and had a transfer arranged through Wildebeest Eco Camp where I was staying in one of their tents with no ensuite. The traffic was flowing and we made good time in arriving at the camp. The property is lovely with expansive grounds with lots of space, a lovely pool and deck. My tent had everything I needed and I dumped my stuff and took off again to the Giraffe Centre and then to the private visits for sponsors at DSWT. I had arranged a private transfer with the driver at Wildebeest and he then took me to The Galleria Mall where I had some dinner before returning back to camp.

The following morning I was up early to enjoy a pleasant breakfast on the deck before driving to Wilson for the 10am flight down to the Mara. Wilson Airport is where I always start to feel the butterflies and the excitement that I am nearly back in the bush. The Safarilink flight was called and about 12 of us made our way out to the plane. This was the fullest flight I have ever taken to the Mara which was positive news considering all the issues Kenya has had to deal with over the previous two years.

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